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Smart Strategies to Sell Your Home

September 25, 2015 4:49 pm

Hillsborough REALTOR, Emilee Collins notes conventional wisdom may say that spring is the best time to put your house on... View Article

Homeownership More Accessible As Affordability Improves

May 22, 2015 5:37 pm

As America’s home owners and home builders celebrate National Homeownership, lower interest rates and home prices are boosting housing affordability... View Article

New Home Closing Rules Take Effect

May 21, 2015 6:41 pm

Closing on your new home is an exciting time — but it also can be an overwhelming process. Home buyers are... View Article

Collins Design-Build Certified Green Professional Designee of the Year

January 28, 2015 3:25 pm

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) honored housing professionals for their outstanding service in elevating the image of NAHB... View Article

Home Financing 101 for First-Time Home Buyers

January 16, 2015 3:12 am

As our nation’s housing and job markets continue to recover, many first-time home buyers are gearing up to become home... View Article

Homeownership Remains a Key Part of the American Dream

January 1, 2015 7:31 pm

There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about Millennials delaying marriage, kids and homeownership. So it would... View Article

Fox Hill Farm

September 10, 2014 6:17 pm

Accredited Master Builder and Master Certified Green Professional, Chad D. Collins of Collins Design-Build, showcases his award winning homes in... View Article

Habitat Builders Blitz to Build Three Homes in One Week

June 2, 2014 1:09 pm

Collins Design-Build, Inc. is proud to support this Blitz Build alongside our generous partners: Chandler Concrete, The Wall Group, AAA... View Article

Americans Still See Homeownership as a Top Priority

February 13, 2014 5:53 pm

Americans still consider owning a home essential to the American Dream, and Washington policymakers would be wise to keep this... View Article

New Homes Benefit More Than Just Buyers and Builders

January 27, 2014 6:00 pm

The only people who benefit when a house is built are the family members who get to live there, and... View Article


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