Custom Home Builder Process

Our Custom Home Builder Pre-Construction Navigational Checklist (PCNC) serves as a resource outline for the typical steps normally assumed prior to construction activity of the actual home itself. The PCNC will walk you step by step through the design phase from identifying the desired lot through a set of Engineered Blueprints ready to build.

The PCNC can be completed in a few months but may take longer depending on the municipality. You may already have several line items that are completed. If so, we can easily progress to the next step. The goal of the PCNC is not be a daunting list but to serve as a transparent checklist and resource to help understand what the next steps are.


Preliminary Discussion What are your Goals and Needs?

Let’s Walk the Lot

Finding the right land or lot for your family is an exciting and fun process. But understanding national, state and local regulations can be a heavy task. That’s where having a professional walk the land with you is invaluable. Depending on the municipality, home site regulations vary. Whether you already own a lot, or are still weighing your options, we will walk the land with you, to:

Schedule your lot assessment or Begin your lot search

Simple Floor Plan & Diligence Phase

Together we will review your simple floor plan sketch and/or your architectural drawings.
We will obtain your authorization to have survey measurements performed on your lot.
We will then hire engineers to test the soil (if applicable).
Environmental Health applications / well & septic (if applicable) will be submitted.
Lastly we will review impervious surface calculations and zoning.

“Charrette” Design Consulting Team

Building a home is a creative and collaborative process, so we partner with seasoned Professionals and Craftsmen to ensure a smooth build:

Floor Plan Review & Presentation

Surveys/Identifying Boundaries


Your project may require a property survey identifying boundaries, locations of existing structures, setbacks and areas of impervious coverage.
Survey work includes field work and development of survey plan which is then used as necessary to provide data for any engineering work that may be required by municipality for grading and storm water management.

Final Plans & Budget Review

Contract & Specification Agreement

Building Permits

We will complete permit applications and make submissions to municipality for all building and mechanical permits required.
An allowance included in this agreement for the permit fees.
Independent municipal review costs will be billed to client as needed for storm water management and engineering review.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our process. It’s nothing proprietary or anything and it is likely the exact path all Builders take. We hope this information has been helpful and will serve as a useful guide when we get started. Contact Chad to start today! 919-422-2818